Price List 2018

Billing for all livery packages to be paid by standing order on monthly basis (on first of the month). Extras will be invoiced and must be paid by direct transfer in full monthly. All customers must sign our contract and agree to terms and conditions, and abide by the yard rules. Visiting clients must sign disclaimer forms when using the facilities. We operate an Equine Record; this enables us to collect important data regarding you and your horse and ensures smooth running of the yard, we need passports and copies of insurance for each horse.

  • 2018


    Price Full Livery Per Week
    £120.00 The above includes modular stable and private lockable tack room. Turn out/bring in, rug changing and muck-out 7 days. All year turn-out (24 hour turn out in summer available). Basic hard needs, nuts/mix/chaff. Extra feed/supplements must be provided by client. Grazing, hay/haylage, 1 bale of bedding/week (winter-summer as required), 3 hours manege/express eventing arena use. Use of horse walker and restroom (tea + coffee, changing room, shower, flat screen TV), parking for cars. Use of shoeing/shower/clipping areas/lunge pen. Solarium/hot horse shower coin operated. Management of waste and electric and water services. Exercise (with the exception of horse-walker) extra by arrangement (BHS instructor-flexible times to suit)


    Price Organisation And Planning
    Contact Us We aim to provide a first-class livery service. Each horse has a written plan of care, which includes daily needs such as boots, bandaging, rugs, exercise etc. These are completely individual, and are planned in conjunction with the horse owner. Choose from hay or haylage.


    Price Extras and Visiting Horses
    £20.00 per hour Manege
    £20.00 per hour Express Event Arena
    £7.00 per week Horsebox parking
    £5.00 per week Trailer parking
    £10.00 (full set) Tack cleaning
    £5.00 (15 mins) Walking out
    £5.00 Assist vet/farrier
    £10.00 Full groom
    Extra charges may apply to services outside the basic livery pack


    Price Clipping
    £25.00 Trace/chaser
    £12.00 Bib
    £40.00 Full (legs and head off)
    £35.00 Hunter (legs on and half head)
    £5.00 Holding/twitching (difficult horses)


    Price Exercise
    £12.00 Hack 30/45 mins
    £12.00 Schooling/lunging/long rein per ½ hour
    Schooling/lunging packages available (discuss with staff)
    Price Lessons
    £20.00 Flat/jumping per 1/2 hour
    £35.00 Full hour
    Price Rug Washing
    £10.00 Turn out/Stable rug (reproof £5)
    £6.00 Summer sheet/Fleece/Fly/Cooler
    £5.00 Travel boots (set)/Dog bed
    £2.00 Numnah/Hood/Mask/Bandages (set)